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Wednesday, October 29
Australian Troops Await Visas to Fight ISIS - Hartcher & Wroe, SMH
Interview with an ISIS Recruiter - Hasnain Kazim, Der Spiegel
Obama Caused the US-Israel Strain - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary
Can the US-Israel Relationship Be Repaired? - Jacob Heilbrunn, NI
A Look at the Roots of HK's Protests - Keri Phillips, ABC Australia
Echoes of Patty Hearst in Kobani - Robert Mackey, New York Times
America Still Has the Will to Lead - Stephen Hadley, SMH
7 Things to Know About the Ukrainian Crisis - Steven Pifer, American Interest
Most Arab States Share the Same Goal with ISIS - Brian Whitaker, Guardian
Working Towards Stability and Security in Asia - Michael Auslin, AEIdeas
North Africa Warily Eyes Falling Oil Prices - Keith Johnson, Foreign Policy
How True Are NK Defector Stories? - John Power, The Diplomat
Tuesday, October 28
Security Council's Credibility Test - Gareth Evans, Project Syndicate
Ukraine Strengthens Shift Toward Europe - Bernd Johann, DW
Russia Has No Plan for the Future - Georgy Bovt, Moscow Times
Iran, China Deepen 'Blue Water' Friendship - Brian Murphy, WaPo
Tunisia's Costly Battle Against Militants - Tom Stevenson, Al Monitor
After Bitter Race, Brazilians Call for Unity - Dom Phillips, Time
Human Population Control Won't Fix Planet - Matt McGrath, BBC
Heroin Syringes Serve as Currency in Myanmar - Patrick Winn, GP
Monday, October 27
The Neocon Spring - Jacob Heilbrunn, National Interest
Obama's Team of Bumblers - Michael Hirsh, Politico
History's Path to American Exceptionalism - D. Bromwich, TomDispatch
Rousseff Must Fight the Second-Term Blues - J.N. Singh, The Conversation
A New Era of Disorder - Richard Haass, Project Syndicate
Will U.S. Military Return to the Philippines? - Jason Strother, Worldcrunch
The Islamic State's Child Soldiers - Kate Brannen, Foreign Policy
China's not Making Your Shirt Anymore - Nathan Siegel, Ozy
Can Ukraine's Political Class Grow Up? - Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg
Thursday, October 23
3 Big Questions for Canada After the Attack - Adam Taylor, WaPo
Why Wasn't WHO Ready for Ebola? - Joshua Keating, Slate
The Brutality of the 'New Egypt' - Mona Eltahawy, New York Times
China Pivots to Europe - Paul Ames, Global Post
Europe's Economy Is Running Out of Time - The Economist
Kooky UKIP Will Keep Britain in EU - Iain Martin, Telegraph
6,000-Year-Old Temple in Ukraine Found - Owen Jarus, Live Science
Papua New Guinea's Tragic Witch-Hunts - Dana MacLean, Diplomat
Wednesday, October 22
Soldier Dead in Ottawa Shootings - Blair Crawford, Ottawa Citizen
China's Aircraft Carrier Trouble - Robert Beckhusen, War Is Boring
The West Wins, in Spite of Itself - Conrad Black, National Review
Who Does Turkey Really Support in Kobani? - Christoph Reuter, Der Spiegel
China Could Also Lose Taiwan - Richard Rosecrance, The American Interest
The Failing War on Drugs... in Afghanistan - Joshua Keating, Slate
Is the US Working With Russia on ISIS or Not? - Josh Rogin, Daily Beast
Obama's Last Chance to Save His Presidency - Leslie Gelb, National Interest
Colombia-FARC Peace Deal Relies on Forgiveness - Jim Wyss, Miami Herald
Tuesday, October 21
TV Faceoff Dramatizes Hong Kong's Gulf - Liam Fitzpatrick, Time
Hong Kong Officials: There's Always 2022 - Shannon Tiezzi, Diplomat
Is Hong Kong China's Future? - William Pesek, Bloomberg
How Beijing Captured China's Middle Class - Julian Sneider, TNI
'Core al-Qaeda' Coming Back to Bite Us - Bridget Johnson, PJ Media
Daily Life in the Shadow of ISIS - Alice Su, The Atlantic
Does Obama Know PKK Can Be Allies? - Michael Rubin, Commentary
Ukrainian Separatists' Torture Chambers - Reid Standish, Foreign Policy
America's Failed War on Afghan Heroin - Eric Pianin, The Fiscal Times
Amal Clooney Should Back Off on Elgin - Dominic Selwood, Telegraph
Monday, October 20
Sovereignty Issues Push EU to the Brink - Gideon Rachman, FT
Which Syrians Will Turkey Train? - Sibel Utku Bila, Al Monitor
How Nigeria Stopped Ebola - Edward Wright, The Conversation
Can Joint Procurement Challenge China? - KSL Collin, The Diplomat
Europe Acknowledges Austerity's Failure - Patrick Smith, The Fiscal Times
Obama's Coalition Is Fighting to Lose - Ira Straus, National Review
India, Pakistan Inch toward Nuclear Standoff - Bruce Riedel, Daily Beast
Understanding Why Women Join ISIS - Amanda Taub, Vox
India's Modi Wave Keeps Rolling - Economist

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