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Wednesday, September 17
Be Brave, Scotland, Go It Alone - Clive Crook, Bloomberg
Why Leaving Is the Wrong Idea for Scotland - Amanda Taub, Vox
Can the West Help in the Arab World's Struggle? - Thomas Friedman, NYT
U.S. Refuses to Use Its Tools Against North Korea - Bruce Klingner, KEIA
Scotland: The Austerity Referendum - John Nichols, The Nation
North Korea an Odd Temptation for Some Americans - Foster Klug, AP
Eastern Ukraine Is not Scotland - Ivan Sukhov, Moscow Times
How Gaza Crisis Might Quickly Reignite - Danny Rubinstein, Worldcrunch
Tuesday, September 16
Putin Just Got What He Wanted in Ukraine - Linda Kinstler, TNR
Iran and U.S. Are Allies But Can't Admit It - Joshua Keating, Slate
Iran Could Be Shadow Enemy in ISIS War - Jacob Siegel, Daily Beast
Beating ISIS Requires U.S. Combat Troops - John Bolton, NY Post
U.S. Credibility and Anti-ISIS Coalition - Max Boot, Commentary
Getting It Wrong on New al Qaeda Franchise - Arif Rafiq, Real Clear World
We're Losing Arms Race to Russia, China - David Francis, Fiscal Times
The Ghosts of Communism in Asia - Michael Totten, World Affairs
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Monday, September 15
Did Hamas Win? - Mkhaimar Abusada, Project Syndicate
The West Isn't Set for the Long Haul in Ukraine - Judy Dempsey, Carnegie
Never Mind the Scaremongers, Scotland - K. Cuthbertson, The Conversation
Republicans Can Win ISIS Debate With Bluster - Kevin Sullivan, The Week
Flawed Campaign Has Divided Scots - J. Harris & J. Wight, The Guardian
ISIS Fighters Scatter as Soon as We Hit Them - Mark Thompson, Time
Meeting Turkey's New Prime Minister - Joshua Walker, War on the Rocks
Tehran Keeps Chasing Nukes - John Bolton, Pittsburgh Tribune
Thursday, September 11
Obama Gives Bush Legacy New Life - Alan Philps, The National
Obama's ISIS Strategy Buoys Iran - Fabio Rafael Fiallo, RealClearWorld
ISIS Threat Is to Middle East, Not U.S. - Joshua Keating, Slate
Islamic State Is Reshaping Foreign Policy - E.J. Dionne, Washington Post
Scotland Is an Identity - Megan McArdle, Bloomberg
Europe's Juncker Revolution - Ana Palacio, Project Syndicate
A Look at EU's Shameful Immigration Policy - Maximilian Popp, Spiegel
Even China Can't 'Expand Credit' - John Tamny, RealClearMarkets
Wednesday, September 10
Obama Fighting a 2-Front War, Like Rome - Michael Auslin, Politico
Scotland Should Heed Lesson from Irish - Ruth Edwards, Telegraph
Catalans Want Independence Too - Helene Zuber, Der Spiegel
Ukraine Crisis at Point of No Return - Alina Polyakova, TNI
A Gaping Hole at the Heart of Polish Politics - The Economist
Why Argentina Shouldn't Move Its Capital - Filipe Campante, NYT
World's 'Most Humane' Prison Overcrowded - Rick Noack, WaPo
Canada Finds British Ship Missing Since 1845 - BBC News
Tuesday, September 9
How IS Will Come After the West - Christopher Dickey, Daily Beast
Could IS Bring Russia, U.S. Together? - Roland Dannreuther, MT
Why Does Scotland Want Independence? - Neil Irwin, NY Times
Hong Kong: China's Next Big Mess-Up - Robert Keatley, TNI
What 'Peak Phosphorus' Means for World - A. Adavikolanu, SciNordic
Mexico's Dubious Reforms - Enrique Krauze, New York Times
Dubai to Build World's Largest Airport - Adam Schreck, AP
Where World's Youngest, Oldest People Live - Simran Khosla, GP
Monday, September 8
Does Obama Have the Goods to Beat ISIS? - Linda Chavez, Boston Herald
Kissinger: Time for All-Out War on ISIS - Toby Harnden, Times of London
ISIS Sends Medieval Message in Modern Way - David Carr, New York Times
Can Palestine Win the Peace? - Daoud Kuttab, Project Syndicate
EU Braces for a Brand New Country - Peter Geoghegan, Foreign Policy
Can a Royal Baby Save British Union? - James Kirkup, Daily Telegraph
What Urbanization Can Teach the Poor - Edward Gleaser, City Journal
Why Putin's Russia Is Weaker Than USSR - Zack Beauchamp, Vox

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