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Friday, August 1
Islamic State's Challenge to the U.S. - David Ignatius, Washington Post
Al-Qaeda Still More Dangerous Than IS - Gertenstein-Ross & Joscelyn, FP
The Most Dangerous Moment in Gaza - Jeffrey Goldberg, The Atlantic
Abduction Is Hamas's Most Terrifying Weapon - Eli Lake, The Daily Beast
An Amoral World Without Just Wars - Leon Aron, Global Public Square
Western Media Terrified of Hamas - D. Schwammenthal, The Commentator
Has Hamas Exhausted Press Sympathy? - Seth Mandel, Commentary
How the World Betrayed Gaza - Alan Philps, The National
Iran Is the Arsonist of Gaza - Bob Feferman, Times of Israel
Is China Trying to Destroy Asia's Regional Order? - Andrew Phillips, TNI
Can the U.S. Catch Up to China in Africa? - Howard French, Businessweek
Stop Predicting China's Economic Collapse - Tyler Roney, The Diplomat
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Thursday, July 31
Just How Likely Is Another World War? - Graham Allison, The Atlantic
Argentina Defaults: Eighth Time's the Charm? - The Economist
Putin Has Unleashed Forces He Can't Control - Lucian Kim, Slate
The Danger of Backing Putin into a Corner - Anna Nemtsova, Daily Beast
Xi Jinping: The Putin of Asia - Gordon Chang, World Affairs Journal
Haqqani Threat to U.S.-Pakistan Detente - Michael Kugelman, Diplomat
U.S. Must Prevent Caribbean Energy Crisis - Schechter & Marczak, GPS
The End of the Arab State - Christopher Hill, Project Syndicate
Africa Needs Science, Not Aid - Nkem Khumbah & Melvin Foote, NYT
The Ocean Map That Changed the World - Simon Willis, Intelligent Life
The Tunnels That House a Nazi Wine Collection - Stephen Sackur, BBC
If You Litter, Belarusian Dictator Steals Your Car - Rick Noack, WaPo
Wednesday, July 30
Europe's Ground Zero - Christian Neef, Der Spiegel
World Wilts Before Putin's Iron Fist - Peter Hartcher, Sydney Morning H'ld
With Ukraine, Putin Is Courting the Home Crowd - Leon Aron, LA Times
How Israel Helped Create Hamas - Ishaan Tharoor, Washington Post
If Hamas Survives, Forget About Peace - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary
This Is Your Brain on War - Gershom Gorenberg, The American Prospect
Stop Comparing Gaza to Syria - Pascal Boniface, Le Nouvel Observateur
Obama's Disastrous, Poll-driven Foreign Policy - Michael Young, National
Don't Fear Jihadists Returning from Syria - Zaougui & Ostaeyen, NY Times
Did NSA Snooping Hurt U.S. Image? Not So Much - Bruce Stokes, GPS
Why I am No Longer a European - Richard Pine, Irish Times
Tuesday, July 29
Israel Is Tearing Down Gaza - Jesse Rosenfeld, The Daily Beast
Hamas Knows It Is Losing - Seth Mandel, Commentary
Israel's Live-Action Hamas Horror Movie - Robert Tracinski, The Federalist
Stopping Putin's Irredentist Project - Andrew Michta, American Interest
Putin's Strange Bedfellows - Cathy Young, Boston Globe
U.S., Russia Edge Toward Economic Warfare - Rob Garver, Fiscal Times
Libya Is More Dangerous than Ever - Nabila Ramdani, The Guardian
Did Libya Prove Hawks Right or Wrong? - Conor Friedersdorf, The Atlantic
U.S. Accidential Pushing Kurds to Independence - Dov Friedman, TNR
9 Things to Avoid When Starting a Caliphate - Christian Caryl, FP
The New Thailand-Myanmar Axis - Pavin Chachavalpongpun, The Diplomat
A Plan to Save the East China Sea - Stewart Taggart, The National Interest
Monday, July 28
Why Is Israel Losing a War It's Winning? - Jeffrey Goldberg, The Atlantic
No, Israel Isn't Losing a War It's Winning - John Podhoretz, Commentary
ISIS' Black Flags Are Flying in Europe - Nadette De Visser, The Daily Beast
Obama Failed to Stop ISIS When He Could - Marc Thiessen, Wash. Post
Will ISIS Spread to Pakistan? - Arif Rafiq, The Diplomat
Mowing the Grass in Gaza - Rep. Doug Lamborn, RealClearDefense
Israeli Military's Moral Indifference - Yuli Novak, The Guardian
The Death of the Great Bargain - Graeme Dobell, The National Interest
Sorry, Hillary, Russia Reset Never Worked - Andrew Peek, Fiscal Times
$50 Billion Bill for Putin's Aggression - Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg
100 Days Later, Nigeria Is Only Worse - Andrew Walker, Foreign Policy
Why Is the World Becoming Such a Nasty Place? - V.D. Hanson, PJ Media
Friday, July 25
America Needs a Real Russia Policy - Thomas Graham, The National Interest
Europe's Jews Punished for Israel's War - Eli Lake, The Daily Beast
How Did Antisemitism Come Back? - Michael Ledeen, PJ Media
Hamas Still Has Some Friends Left - Mirren Gidda, Time
If There's Just War, Why Not Just Terrorism? - Giles Fraser, Guardian
Who Bears More Responsibility for Gaza? - John Judis, The New Republic
The Shared Destiny of Israel and Gaza - Roger Cohen, New York Times
Hamas' Useful Idiots - Rich Lowry, New York Post
How the U.S. Let ISIS Form a Terrorist Army - David Francis, Fiscal Times
The Growing Role of Female Jihadis - Kathy Gilsinan, The Atlantic
Uber and Classic Asian Mercantilism - Robert Kelly, The Diplomat
The Hijacking of a Venezuelan Newspaper - Mac Margolis, Bloomberg
Thursday, July 24
Russians Living in Alternate Reality - Mark Adomanis, Washington Post
Stop Appeasing Vladimir Putin - The Economist
We Will Have to Negotiate with Putin - Tony Brenton, Telegraph
Putin's Tipping Point? - Nina Khrushcheva, Project Syndicate
With Friends Like These, ISIS Is Doomed - Jacob Siegel, Daily Beast
Middle East Violence Not Just 'Ancient Hatred' - Shadi Hamid, Atlantic
Why U.S. Has Most Pro-Israel Foreign Policy - Zack Beauchamp, Vox
Hamas, the First Palestinian Army - Shlomi Eldar, Al Monitor
Europe's Refugee Crisis Far Worse than U.S. - Joshua Keating, Slate
Missing Air Algerie Flight Is a Reminder of Mali - Adam Taylor, WaPo
A Chinese Gold Standard? - Kwasi Kwarteng, New York Times
Indian Boy Has 232 Teeth Removed - Jack Linshi, Time
Wednesday, July 23
Israel Provoked This War -- Obama Must End It - Henry Siegman, Politico
Obsessing About Gaza, Ignoring Syria - Jeffrey Goldberg, The Atlantic
How to Save Gaza and Prevent Another War - William Saletan, Slate
Can Malaysia Airlines Rebrand and Move On? - Annette Ekin, Quartz
What Is Wrong with the Grand Nation? - Alexander Smoltczyk, Der Spiegel
Thoughts on a French Strike - Theodore Dalrymple, City Journal
Sanctions Finally Find Russia's Achilles Heel - William Pomeranz, Reuters
Why Putin Isn't Afraid of Europe - Mark Whitehouse, Bloomberg View
Europe Must Deal with Russia on Its Own - Mary Dejevsky, The Guardian
In a Syrian City, ISIS Puts Vision into Practice - Ben Hubbard, NY Times
U.S. & Germany: Rebuilding a Spy Partnership - David Ignatius, Wash Post
Why Australia's Carbon Tax Bombed - Margaret Wente, Globe and Mail
Tuesday, July 22
Why Is the West Idly Watching the World Burn? - S. Palamar, Toronto Star
The World Is Returning to Normal - Michael Ledeen, PJ Media
Why Russia Buys Putin's Lies - Mark Nuckols, New York Post
Putin May Have Killed Russia's Brand - Leonid Bershidsky, Bloomberg
Putin's Power Play in America's Backyard - David Francis, The Fiscal Times
Jordan's Quiet Emergency - Alice Su, The Atlantic
What 'Proportionality' Means to Israel - Zeke Miller, Time
The Delusion of Hamas - Shlomi Eldar, Al Monitor
The 'International Community' Is a Myth - Shashank Joshi, Telegraph
Thailand's Democracy Under Siege - Samak Mith, The Diplomat
The Battle to Crush Ukraine's Rebels - Anna Nemtsova, The Daily Beast
No More Frozen Conflicts - Svante Cornell, The American Interest

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