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Friday, April 18
Is Confrontation with Russia Inevitable? - Fareed Zakaria, Global Public Sq.
Putin's Men in Ukraine Won't Make a Deal - Anna Nemtsova, Daily Beast
'Novorossiya' Is Back from the Dead - Christian Caryl, Foreign Policy
Does Ukraine Exist? - Seth Mandel, Commentary
Washington's Biggest Strategic Mistake - Ted Galen Carpenter, TNI
Being Muslim Under Narendra Modi - Basharat Peer, New York Times
Pakistan and the Sunni Gulf - Umar Farooq, The Diplomat
Is Moldova Next on Putin's Hit List? - Jeffrey Goldberg, Bloomberg
Putin Wins Again from 'Seinfeld' Foreign Policy - Benny Avni, NY Post
Unleashing the Socks of War - Jonah Goldberg, National Review
Edward Snowden: Putin's Useful Idiot - Robert Tracinski, The Federalist
Africa's Game of Thrones - Thor Halvorssen & Alex Gladstein, The Atlantic
Thursday, April 17
The Cost of Doing Nothing in Ukraine Will Be Immense - The Economist
Is the West Powerless to Stop Russia? - Stefan Wolff, The Conversation
All of Russia's Neighbors Are Worried - The National Interest
Europe's Hawk-Dove Divide over Russia - Ambrose Evans, Telegraph
Role of Russian Gas in Ukraine - Chi Chyong, Euro. Council on Foreign Rel.
Koreans Blame Ferry Tragedy on Character Flaws - Geoffrey Cain, GP
Terrorism Expands from Sinai to Cairo - Safaa Saleh, Al Monitor
Venezuela's Unending Ordeal - Rodrigo Pardo, Project Syndicate
How Taiwan Can Defuse South China Sea Tension - Bonnie Glaser, PacNet
The Frightening Lives of Homosexuals in Uganda - Jan Puhl, Der Spiegel
Tiny Liechtenstein Gets Even Smaller - John Letzing, Wall Street Journal
Wednesday, April 16
Playing Putin's Game - Walter Russell Mead, The American Interest
The Cost of Putin's Adventurism - David Ignatius, Washington Post
Why Kiev Is Losing Eastern Ukraine - Olga Radchenko, Globe and Mail
Putting Chechen Lessons to Good Use in Ukraine - Kelly McParland, NP
The Tragic Decline of U.S. Foreign Policy - Ian Bremmer, Nat'l Interest
Is Britain Prepared to Lose Scotland? - Martin Kettle, The Guardian
Lead, Netanyahu, Lead - David Horovitz, Times of Israel
What Germany Can Teach Japan - Jochen Bittner, New York Times
Australia's War on Science - Lyn Eyb, Global Post
The Geopolitics of the Black Sea - James Holmes, The Diplomat
China on the Edge - Gordon Chang, Gatestone Institute
Mongolia's 13-Year-Old Eagle Huntress - William Kremer, BBC Magazine
Tuesday, April 15
Not Even War Can Unite the EU - Charlotte McDonald-Gibson, Time
Putin Isn't President of Sim City - Tom Nichols, The Federalist
Kleptocrats' Loot Could Rebuild Ukraine - James & Lombardi, Bloomberg
Has the West Enabled the World's Rogues? - Colin Robertson, Globe & Mail
France: New Cauldron of Euroskepticism - A. Evans-Pritchard, Telegraph
Obama's Legacy: Nuclear Japan? - Michael Rubin, Commentary
Let Asia Go Nuclear - Harvey Sapolsky & Christine Leah, The National Interest
Captain America Captures China - Warner Brown, Tea Leaf Nation
Cuba: To Embargo or Not? - Michael J. Totten, World Affairs Journal
Pistorius & the Fear That Grips White South Africa - Pierre de Vos, Convo
Hezbollah Has Enabled Assad's Worst Acts - Michael Young, The National
What Killed Science in the Muslim World? - Ross Pomeroy, RCScience
Monday, April 14
Putin's Ready for War, Are We? - Lilia Shevtsova, The American Interest
America Is at War in Africa - Nick Turse, TomDispatch
Europe's Blindness and Blunders - Thomas Schmid, Die Welt
The Real Reason Palestinians Don't Want Peace - Lee Smith, Tablet Mag
Heading for a Cliff in the Mideast - Gershom Gorenberg, American Prospect
Merkel's Mettle Could Soften Putin - Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, FT
Imagining an Invasion on Putin's Doorstep - Christian Caryl, Foreign Policy
Ukrainians Aren't Pro-Russia or Fascists - James Meek, The Guardian
The Chernobyl Factor - Bennett Ramberg, Project Syndicate
Europe's Far Right, Russia's Stealth Ally - Charles Hawley, Der Spiegel
Why Haiti Is a Heartbreaking Mess - Ben Fountain, New Republic
Is Chile About to End Pinochet's Abortion Ban? - Simeon Tegel, Global Post
Friday, April 11
Are Iran and Israel Trading Places? - Milani & Waismel-Manor, NY Times
Obama Splits with NATO on Ukraine - Eli Lake, The Daily Beast
Don't Blame NATO for Russian Aggression - Marc Champion, Bloomberg
Global Norms Vs. National Interests - Fareed Zakaria, Washington Post
The Civilianization of War - Robert Haddick, The National Interest
How 'Fascist' Is Ukraine's Svoboda Party? - James Kirchick, The Spectator
Syria Is Now the Gravest Threat to Britain - Con Coughlin, Daily Telegraph
Behind Putin's Ukraine 'Unrest' Game - Mark Nuckols, New York Post
UN Hints Russia Rigged Crimea Vote - Colum Lynch, Foreign Policy
Why Putin Is Dictating Terms to Kerry - Simon Tisdall, CNN
Is Greece Really Out of the Woods? - Desmond Lachman, AEIdeas
In India, Politics Is Criminal - Ram Mashru, The Diplomat
Thursday, April 10
Europe's Far Right Is Rootin' for Putin - Paul Ames, Global Post
Financial Warfare Could Lead to Actual War - Harold James, Project Syn.
Ukraine Conflict Sparks German Identity Crisis - C. Hoffmann, Spiegel
Book on Putin Blocked by British Libel Laws - Joshua Keating, Slate
Preparing for Jerusalem's Third Temple - Yuval Avivi, Al Monitor
Why Obama Hit Pause on Iran - Joe Klein, Time
Refugee Influx Threatens Lebanon, Jordan - David Schenker, GPS
Regional Implications of Indonesia's Rise - Abdul-Latif Halimi, Diplomat
Why Did Modi Keep His Wife Secret for 50 Years? - Adam Taylor, WaPo
Nigeria: Africa's New Number One - The Economist
Shukhov Tower: The Eiffel of the East - Susannah Stevens, BBC News
Volcanic Eruption That Changed World History - Gillen Wood, Conv. UK
Wednesday, April 9
Why Vladimir Putin Confounds the West - Neil Macdonald, CBC News
Reality Check Time: Putin Is Losing in Crimea - Michael Cohen, Yahoo
Ukrainian & Russian: Geopolitics of Language - Andrea Gregovich, NewGeo
Stand Firm, John Kerry - Brzezinski, Carlucci, Hamilton, et al., Politico Mag
Why Did Kerry Lie About Israeli Blame? - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary
The Mideast Peace Process Collapsed 3 Years Ago - Peter Beinart, Haaretz
Most Likely Outcome of India's Election: Chaos - James Tapper, Global Post
What Happened to Liberal Canada? - Marianne Lenabat, N+1
Is the Neo-Isolationist Moment Already Over? - Walter Mead, American Int
Why No One Should Still Be a Neocon - Dan Larison, American Conservative
Chaos, Chavismo and Telenovelas - Ibsen Martinez, New York Times
Betting Behind Buddha's Back - James Monroe Adams IV, Narratively
Tuesday, April 8
Checking Putin's Eurasian Ambitions - Svante Cornell, Wall Street Journal
Afghanistan Votes Against the Taliban - Sanjay Kumar, The Diplomat
America Also a Winner in Afghan Elections - Amir Taheri, New York Post
Dreaming of Soviet Glory Days - David Patrikarakos, The Daily Beast
Putin's War of Nerves in Ukraine - David Blair, Daily Telegraph
Seriously, What Did You Expect Russia to Do? - Edward Lozansky, FP
Can Libya Stay Together? - Musa al-Gharbi, The National Interest
Shakespeare Fits with Syria Tragedy - Jason Miks, Global Public Square
Musharraf's Return Has Achieved Its Objectives - Tom Hussain, National
'Solving' Israel to Solve the Mideast - Tom Wilson, Commentary
Why Street Protests Don't Work - Moises Naim, The Atlantic
On Weibo, Jesus More Popular than Mao - Bethany Allen, Tea Leaf Nation

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