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Wednesday, October 1
The Wrong Idea for Secret Service Reform - Bloomberg
Israel Can Help Transform the Middle East Paradigm - Jerusalem Post
Why Is Washington so Quiet on Hong Kong? - Washington Post
The Long Road Ahead for Islamabad and Kabul - Dawn
Tuesday, September 30
China's Crackdown in Hong Kong - New York Times
Modi's Reset of U.S.-India Ties - Deccan Chronicle
Hong Kong Protesters Need to Act Within the Law - SCMP
South Korea's Economy at a Crossroads - Korea Times
Monday, September 29
Restore Hope to Beat Islamist Extremists - The National
Netanyahu Is Gradually Annexing the West Bank - Haaretz
India, U.S. Should Address Divisions - Bloomberg
Tories Need to Win Back Their Lost Voters - Telegraph
Saturday, September 27
Ukraine's Stillborn Parliament - Kyiv Post
Ukraine Should not Join NATO - Bloomberg
The U.S. Should Deny Kiev's Request for Lethal Aid - The Californian
The Continued Corruption in China's Provinces - China Post
Friday, September 26
Sean Hannity and the Military: Keep Politics Out - Boston Globe
Afghan Leaders Must Grasp Chance for a New Start - SCMP
U.S. Congress Must Vote On War - Washington Post
What Should the Aim of Middle East Intervention Be? - The Guardian
Thursday, September 25
How to De-Radicalize Terrorists - Bloomberg
Iran's Coup d'Etat in Yemen - Daily Star
Arab Nations Are Right to Join Fight on ISIS - The National
Japan Going the Wrong Way on Nuclear Power - Japan Times
Wednesday, September 24
The Long Battle Against ISIS Begins - The National
The Alarming Absences in Obama's Coalition - Bloomberg
"One Country, Two Systems" Must Prevail In Hong Kong - SCMP
Netanyahu Can Turn Around Unjust Policies - Haaretz
Tuesday, September 23
Backsliding on Nuclear Promises - New York Times
New Afghan Government Isn't Ideal, but It Can Work - The Guardian
Labour Proves Again That It Cannot Be Trusted - The Telegraph
Keep the White House Open - Bloomberg
Monday, September 22
Australia's Push for Global Economic Reform - The Australian
The Futile Climate March - The American Interest
Playing Games With Britain's Constitution - Daily Mail
A Shaky Step Forward in Afghanistan - New York Times

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