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Tuesday, July 29
Modi's New India Is Off to a Bad Start - Bloomberg View
The Time Has Come for Europe to Act - Der Spiegel
When Numbers in Gaza Masquerade as Fact - Times of Israel
A Ceasefire Is Not Enough in Gaza - The Daily Star
Monday, July 28
Ebola Requires a Team Africa - Bloomberg View
Saturday, July 26
Blame Ariel Sharon for Gaza Bloodshed - The Guardian
Needed in Gaza War Reporting: Balance - The Australian
Pakistan's Timely Action in Waziristan - Gulf News
Friday, July 25
An Unwelcome Echo of the Cold War in Ukraine - Los Angeles Times
Europe Should Punish Putin, Not London - Daily Telegraph
A Tip for the UN - Jerusalem Post
When the Guns Are Roaring, Israelis Must Speak Out - Haaretz
Thursday, July 24
Europe Sleeps as Putin Waits - Bloomberg View
Egypt and Gaza: No Longer a True Mediator - The Economist
China's Tighter Grip on the Press - New York Times
Do or Die Against Hamas - New York Daily News
Wednesday, July 23
Palestinians Need Security, Not Hamas Treachery - The Australian
Israel's End Game - Jerusalem Post
High Hopes for Indonesia - Christian Science Monitor
Can the U.S. Leave Afghanistan Without Leaving Chaos? - Dawn
Tuesday, July 22
An Indelible Blot on History - Japan Times
West Must Stop the World's Newest Rogue State: Russia - Washington Post
Dark Days in France - The Economist
Does the World Still Need the World Bank? - Bloomberg View
Monday, July 21
Impose Sanctions on Russia - National Review
China on a Collision Course with Hong Kong's Democrats - The Guardian
Israel's Just War Against Hamas - Jerusalem Post
Israel's Carnage Must Be Stopped - Gulf News
Sunday, July 20
Moscow Must Answer for Horror in the Skies - The Australian
Murder with Impunity in Gaza - The Daily Star
Putin Should Shackle His Dogs of War - Toronto Star
Paris' Antisemitism Problem - Jerusalem Post
Saturday, July 19
Outrage in the Skies - The Hindu
Putin's Moment of Truth - Financial Times
Keep the Gaza Ground War Limited - Haaretz
Time to Stop Tehran's Atomic Ambitions - Globe and Mail

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