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Monday, September 22
Australia's Push for Global Economic Reform - The Australian
The Futile Climate March - The American Interest
Playing Games With Britain's Constitution - Daily Mail
A Shaky Step Forward in Afghanistan - New York Times
Saturday, September 20
The Scotland Vote Was Big. Now Change the System - The Guardian
Empty Words for Ukraine - Washington Post
The Victory of Scotland's Cautious Majority - New York Times
Was Scotland's No Really a No? - Bloomberg
Friday, September 19
Murder in the Mediterranean - New York Times
The Scotland Vote Wasn't Even Close - The Commentator
What Now for UK Politics? - The Economist
Brussels Gives Criminals an Open Door to Britain - Daily Mail
Thursday, September 18
No Country for Old Money - The Economist
Scotland's Turn to Make History Is Here - The Scotsman
Afghanistan and Pakistan Must Overcome Distrust - Dawn
The United Kingdom's Day of Destiny - The Telegraph
Wednesday, September 17
U.S. on a Slippery Slope to War - New York Times
London's Toxic Relations With the Rest of Britain - The Guardian
Stop the Expulsion of the West Bank's Bedouin - Haaretz
A Humane Approach to Asylum - Irish Times
Tuesday, September 16
The Queen's Timely Words About Scotland - Daily Mail
Repairing Beijing-Tokyo Ties - Japan Times
Kerry Can Break Afghan Stalemate - Bloomberg
How Many People Can the U.S. Protect? - Los Angeles Times
Monday, September 15
Riling the Juggernaut - The Economist
Scotland Can Be Changed for Better with a No Vote - The Scotsman
Venezuela Deserves no Support in UN Bid - Miami Herald
After Beheading, Britain Must Keep Its Cool - The Guardian
Saturday, September 13
Barack Obama's Stunning Turnaround - The Economist
Islamic State Is not an Excuse to Ignore Palestinians - Haaretz
Paying Ransoms Encourages More Kidnappings - Washington Post
Give Britain Another Chance - The Guardian
Friday, September 12
Scotland's Best Choice Is for Union - The Scotsman
In Ukraine, Ceasefire Resembles Surrender - Kyiv Post
The United Kingdom Must Change to Survive - New Statesman
The Legal Authority for Fighting IS - New York Times

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