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Saturday, December 20
'Interview' the 1st Casualty in a Serious, New Kind of War? - Chicago Tribune
EU's Greek Drama Needs a Final Act - Bloomberg View
The Pain of Cuban Exiles - Miami Herald
Israel Should Welcome Palestinian UN Bid on Occupation - Haaretz
Friday, December 19
The World Could Use More U.S. Diplomatic Creativity - The Guardian
Hollande and the Heavy Hand of Europe - Telegraph
Sony and Mr. Kim's Thugs - New York Times
U.S. and Cuba Took a Bold Step - Irish Times
Thursday, December 18
A Restoration of Pragmatism - Los Angeles Times
A Welcome Turn on Cuba - Boston Globe
It Was Time for a Change - USA Today
Betraying Castro's Victims - Washington Times
Wednesday, December 17
Japan's Dismal Voter Turnout - Asahi Shimbun
Japan's Electoral System Needs Fixing - Japan Times
A Terrible Slaughter of Children in Pakistan - New York Times
Looking for Christmas in the Old World - Washington Times
Tuesday, December 16
Sony Gets Under Pyongyang's Skin - Japan Times
Terror in Sydney - Jerusalem Post
Lone Wolf Terror Tests Our Humanity - Sydney Morning Herald
Abe's Re-Election Was no Ringing Endorsement - Guardian
Monday, December 15
Expand the Intra-Korean Industrial Park - JoongAng Daily
U.S. Is at Its Wit's End with Israel - Haaretz
The Huge Task Facing Scottish Labour Leader - The Guardian
UK Must Face up to Torture - Independent
Saturday, December 13
Is Peaceful Korean Unification Possible? - New York Times
CIA Interrogations Indicate Double Standards on Human Rights - Irish Times
The US Should Capitalize on Oil Prices - USA Today
On the Final Dispersal of the Hong Kong Protests - The Guardian
Friday, December 12
Ukraine Needs Peace, Cash and Reform - Kyiv Post
South Africa's Economy Needs Urgent Relief - Business Day
Japan's Law on State Secrecy Sparks Worries - Japan Times
Herzog and Livni Can Repair Injustices in Israel - Haaretz
Thursday, December 11
End the Cycle of Distrust in East Asia - Asahi Shimbun
Uber Didn't Cause India's Rape Problem - Bloomberg View
Our Post-9/11 Shame - Los Angeles Times
The CIA Let Terrorism Win - Ottawa Citizen
Wednesday, December 10
The Lies and Torture of the CIA - New York Times
Our Torture Is an Effective Weapon Only for Our Enemies - Telegraph
The Politics of Torture - Washington Times
British Labour Has Bridges to Build - The Scotsman

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