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Friday, October 31
The Temple Mount Is a Powder Keg - Haaretz
The Dangers of Ebola Paranoia - Miami Herald
The Victory of the Scottish National Party - Telegraph
Europe's Deadly Fiscal Paralysis - Bloomberg View
Thursday, October 30
The Universal Duty to Defeat Extremism - The National
Official Ebola Response Shouldn't Be Rooted in Hysteria - Boston Globe
Obama's Ebola Czar Has Gone AWOL - Washington Times
Now Tunisia Needs an Economic Revolution - Bloomberg
Wednesday, October 29
Tunisia's Shining Example - The National
Moral Collapse on the Refugee Issue - The Guardian
U.S. Governors Ignorant of How Ebola Works - The Hindu
Losing Confidence in Shinzo Abe - South China Morning Post
Tuesday, October 28
Ottawa Politics Return to Form - Globe and Mail
It Is a Damaged UK Military that Leaves Helmand - The Guardian
Can Ukraine Succeed Where Before It Has Failed? - Bloomberg
The Benefits and Risks of Falling Oil Prices - Economist
Monday, October 27
Can China Establish Genuine Rule of Law? - Japan Times
China Should Trust Its Private Sector - South China Morning Post
The UK's Enduring Legacy in Afghanistan - Telegraph
Capitalism's New Fans - Washington Times
Saturday, October 25
Britain Should Not Cut Immigration - The Economist
Obama Gives Assad Another Pass on Chemical Weapons - Washington Post
Why Kobani Must Be Saved - New York Times
Tougher Laws Not the Only Way to Stop Radicalization - Globe and Mail
Friday, October 24
Force Won't Solve Jerusalem's Problem - Haaretz
A Day to Be Proud of Canada - Ottawa Citizen
Japan Missing a Chance for Real Reform - Bloomberg
Great British Pragmatism on EU - Independent
Thursday, October 23
A Verdict on Blackwater - New York Times
Canadians Have Tough Questions to Answer - Toronto Star
The EU's Scandalous Budget Expansion - Telegraph
The Cryptic Motives Driving the anti-ISIS Coalition - Daily Star
Wednesday, October 22
Muslim Brotherhood Should Clean up Its Act - The National
Obama's Successful Push of Turkey - Bloomberg
The Changes the Church Needs - The Guardian
Honoring the Father of Modern Australia - Sydney Morning Herald
Tuesday, October 21
Is NATO Inevitable for Sweden? - The Guardian
Close the Torture Loophole - New York Times
The EU Won't Negotiate, so It's Time to Leave - The Commentator
Obama's Revealing Slip on Immigration - Washington Times

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