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Monday, November 24
U.S. and Iran: Too Much at Stake to Walk Away - E. Groll & J. Hudson, FP
Hagel Said to Be Stepping Down - Helene Cooper, New York Times
Rand Paul Declares War on ISIS - Olivia Nuzzi, Daily Beast
China Reaches Out for Allies - Peter Drysdale, East Asia Forum
Congress Needs History's Perspective on Iran - John Bradshaw, RCWorld
More Talks Would Be a Win for Iran - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary
5 Mistaken U.S. Assumptions on Middle East - Andrew Bacevich, IC
The CIA's Struggle to Understand Arab Culture - Dina Rezk, WOTR
What Scares China's Military - Robert Farley, The National Interest
The Creation of India's Bible for Pacifism - W. Doniger, NY Review of Books
Destroying Iraq's Christian Communities - P. Cockburn, Independent
Suitcases With Wheels? 'Vietato' in Venice - Quentin Letts, Daily Mail
Real and Symbolic Change in U.S.-China Deal - Robert Samuelson, WaPo
Russia Might Cut Oil Production, but How? - Andy Tully, Oil Price
Sunday, November 23
No Answer to the Nuclear Iran Issue - Jeffrey Goldberg, Bloomberg View
What Will Follow Protests in Mexico? - Jason McGahan, Daily Beast
A Look at Obama's Syria Options - Henri Barkey, The American Interest
Jerusalem: Don't Call It a Religious Conflict - Rachel Shabi, Al Jazeera
Finding Peace Between Afghanistan and Pakistan - The Diplomat
Afghan Military Welcomes Expanded US Role - Sudarsan Raghavan, WaPo
Can Putin Exploit ISIS? - Joshua Keating, Slate
The Slow Death of Russian Independent Media - Moscow Times
Putin Living in the 1980s - Matthew Chance, CNN
Greece's Collision Course with Germany - Desmond Lachman, AEIdeas
Saturday, November 22
Obama Is Crazy Like a Fox - David Rothkopf, Foreign Policy
With Israel, Against Terror - William Kristol, Weekly Standard
U.S. Has Nothing to Gain from Intervention in Syria - J.D. Stuster, RCW
Countering Russia and China - Ely Ratner & Thomas Wright, WaPo
'Ya Me Canse:' Mexico Is Fed Up - Kristal Alley, RealClearWorld
Obama's Drone War in Pakistan - Steve Coll, New Yorker
Immigration Enriches Us All - Nicholas Kristof, New York Times
Romania's Obama Moment - Valentina Pop, EU Observer
Death Metal Angola - Nina Strochlic, Daily Beast
The Dangers of Extending the Iran Talks - Evan Moore, National Review
China's Maritime Security Dilemma - Malcolm Davis, China Policy Institute
The Dangers of Derailing an Iran Deal - Paul Pillar, The National Interest
Friday, November 21
Finally, a Positive Crisis for U.S. Leadership - Edward Goldberg, RCWorld
The Climate Pact Swindle - Charles Krauthammer, Washington Post
Putin Simply Can't Afford a New Cold War - Michael Schuman, Fortune
Can Congress Sell Iraq More Weapons? - Ratnam & Brannen, Foreign Policy
Europe's Deflated Economic Psyche - Philip Broughton, The Spectator
How ISIS Corporatized Terror - Cam Simpson, Business Week
Healing Colombia's Scars of War - Wesley Tomaselli, Ozy
Will Turkey Target Gulenist Bank? - Luke Rodeheffer, Global Risk Insights
The Lone Wolf Intifada - Gregg Carlstrom, Politico
What Is the U.S. Military Building in Chad? - Nick Turse, TomDispatch
Russia Cracks Down on Tax Havens - Svetlana Sukhova, Worldcrunch
Bashar Al Assad Looks Comfortable as Ever - J. Bowen, New Statesman
Inside Hebron, Israel's Heart of Darkness - Michael Tomasky, Daily Beast
UKIP Is a Vile Vehicle for Legitimate Protest - Hugh Muir, The Guardian
Japan's Corporations Are Key to Recovery - Clint Richards, The Diplomat
Since Ebola, 1 in 2 Workers in Liberia Have Lost Their Jobs - BBC
NATO Sharpens Its Cyber War Defenses - Ben Makuch, Motherboard
Thursday, November 20
The Neo-Soviet Statelets in the Donbas - Jamie Dettmer, Daily Beast
The Realist Creed - Robert Kaplan, Stratfor
How Does Religion Influence Iran's Nuclear Policy? - A. Tabatabai, BAS
Between China and Keystone XL - Elizabeth Kolbert, New Yorker
This Is Your Brain on Russian Media - Vitaliy Katsenelson, Business Insider
Cheap Oil Is a Geopolitical Gift to the U.S. - Rich Miller, Bloomberg
Putin Willing to Throw the Dice on Ukraine - M. van Creveld, Worldcrunch
Austerity Fails, Even on Its Own Terms - Seumas Milne, The Guardian
The Europeanization of the American Right - Michael Lind, The Spectator
Wake Up, Scandinavia. Putin's at the Door - A. Michta, American Interest
A Tenuous Calm Along Thai-Cambodian Border - Nicole Jenne, EAF
Iran's Pragmatic Central Asia Policy - Irina Zviagelskaya, RIAC
Bahrain's Moral Clarity on Palestinian Attacks - E. Gordon, Commentary
Modernizing the Maltese Fortress - Juliet Rix, BBC
Wednesday, November 19
The Foreign Policy of a Failed Presidency - George Friedman, Stratfor
A Palestinian Pogrom in Jerusalem - Michael Freund, Jerusalem Post
The French Jihadist Executioner - Economist
ISIS's Institutional Brutality may Be Working - Zack Beauchamp, Vox
Tunisia's Unfinished Revolution - Jahd Khalil, Foreign Policy In Focus
Russia's Koenigsberg Problem - Remi Piet, Al Jazeera
The Unholy Islamist War - Benny Avni, New York Post
5 Foreign Policy Lessons from the Last 20 Years - Stephen Walt, FP
Japan's Election: A Test of Neo-Keynesianism - Kevin Lees, Suffragio
Putin Is Merkel's Biggest Security Challenge - Judy Dempsey, Carnegie
18 Maps that Explain Maritime Security in Asia - CSIS
Hamas Endorses a Massacre - Jeffrey Goldberg, Atlantic
Russia's Emerging anti-Color Revolution Doctrine - R. McDermott, EDM
Thinking About post-ISIS Geopolitics - Ronald Tiersky, Huffington Post
Tuesday, November 18
The Nuclear Threat's Grim Return - Gideon Rachman, Financial Times
Russia's Sad Little Military Showboats - Alexander Golts, Moscow Times
Making the Case to Save Britain's EU Membership - A. Darling, Guardian
The Top 100 Global Thinkers of 2014 - Foreign Policy
Mending a Fragmented Europe - Cornelius Adebahr, Carnegie Europe
Dictatorship or Shadow Government in Moscow? - P. Goble, Interpreter
Will Turkey Stick to China Missile Deal? - Al-Monitor
Westerners Among ISIS Executioners - Megan Specia, Mashable
Germany Worried About Russia's Sway in the Balkans - Spiegel
China's Stealth Fighter Could Improve - David Axe, War Is Boring
Life with Drones and Raids in Pakistan - Iqtidar & Akbar, The Conversation
The IAEA Is Getting Iran Wrong - Yousaf Butt, National Interest
Under Putin, Russia Has Lost Strategic Footing - Holmes & Krastev, PS
Building the Louvre in Abu Dhabi - Laurent Carpentier, Worldcrunch
Monday, November 17
Before the Beheadings - Jeffrey Goldberg, Atlantic
Losing a Moral Compass in Central Europe - Carl Gershman, WaPo
Brazil's Amazon War Games - Daniel McGroarty, RealClearWorld
The Risk of Nation-State Conflict - Walter Russell Mead, American Interest
ISIS Has One American Hostage Left - Shane Harris, Daily Beast
Japan's 300 MPH Train - Timothy Lee, Vox
Britain May Soon Find It Has no Friends - Economist
The War Economy: America's Imperial Legacy - Robert McChesney, Salon
Israel Defining Itself as Ethnocracy, not Democracy - Aeyal Gross, Haaretz
Finland's Flawed Quest for Universal Broadband - S. Brotman, Brookings
Why Mandarin Won't Be a Lingua Franca - Andres Martinez, Time
Xi Jinping Hawks the Asia-Pacific Dream - Wang Xiangwei, SCMP
Australia, Still the Adolescent Power - Roxanne Horton, The Diplomat
Angst Over Kazakhstan's Cosmodrome - David Trilling, EurasiaNet
APEC a Keynote Moment in China's Rise - Joe Hhung, China Post
Sunday, November 16
The Made-in-China Cold War - Fareed Zakaria, Washington Post
Do Conservatives Know Who They Stand For? - Janet Daley, Telegraph
America Should Be the World's Policeman - Bret Stephens, WSJ
Obama too Desperate for Iran Nuke Deal - John Bolton, New York Post
The Story of Canada's Rise to Greatness - Conrad Black, National Post
Scotland's New Kingmakers - George Eaton, New Statesman
Caving to Iran - Lee Smith, Weekly Standard
Abbott Could Push Australia into Isolation - Joshua Keating, Slate
Could the Next Crisis Be in Oman? - Michael Rubin, Commentary
Congress Will Push for a Tougher Foreign Policy - Economist
Saturday, November 15
Why the West Can't Stop Putin in Ukraine - Jamie Dettmer, Daily Beast
The China Heist - Rupert Darwall, National Review
Putin's Novorossiya Miscalculation - Paul Roderick Gregory, Forbes
Showers for Homeless in St. Peter's Square - Hether Saul, Independent
A Better Strategy for the War on ISIS - Max Boot, Washington Post
Obama Showed He Is no Peking Lame Duck - Allen Carlson, TNI
Finally, Hopes for a Plan to Revitalize Europe - K. Dervis, Project Syndicate
Britain's New and Disturbing Far-Right Party - C. Allen, The Conversation
Lebanon's Quest for Water Security - Mohammed Zaatari, The Daily Star
Russia Is Hoarding Gold. But Why? - Rob Garver, Fiscal Times
Bangladesh's Energy Bonanza - Jack Detsch, The Diplomat
Narendra Modi, the Once-Reviled Rock Star - Ben Doherty, The Guardian
The Dutch Town Where Everyone Has Dementia - Josh Planos, Atlantic
Friday, November 14
Russia's Military Overhaul - Jonathan Masters, Council on Foreign Relations
The World Economy Needs Reagan and Thatcher - F.R. Fiallo, RCWorld
A New Type of U.S.-China Military Relations - S. Tiezzi, The Diplomat
Who Will Pay When China Goes Bust? - Mark Whitehouse, Bloomberg View
Balancing the Forces of Order and Disorder - R. Haass, Foreign Affairs
The Very Big U.S.-China Deal - Paul Krugman, New York Times
Berlin and Cape Town: Tales of Divided Cities - Geraldine Gardner, GMF
Obama's Immoral Deal with China - David Harsanyi, National Review
Dizzying Muslim-Christian Brutality in CAR - C. Milmo, The Independent
Brazil Is not as Stable as it Looks - Clovis Rossi, Worldcrunch
Are Russia-DPRK Ties Warming? - Robert Lauler, NK News
Cambodia Cracks Down on Opposition - Human Rights Watch
What Will ISIS Do If Baghdadi Is Dead? - Riyadh Mohammed, Fiscal Times
Bali's Booming Startup Scene - Resty Woro Yuniar, Wall Street Journal

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