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Tuesday, September 30
Russia Is on a Road to Nowhere - Vladislav Inozemtsev, Moscow Times
Hong Kong Is a Tough Test for Beijing - Economist
Fighting the Purpose-Driven Jihad - Kevin Sullivan, NI
Turkey Is Paying the Price for Its Support of Syrian Radicals - Spiegel
There Is no 'Why' to ISIS - Roger Cohen, New York Times
The Palestinian Leader's Warning to Israel - Akiva Eldar, Al-Monitor
Is Hong Kong Tiananmen 2.0? - Brendon Hong, Daily Beast
Tusk Gives the EU Reason for Optimism - Ian Hansen, EU Observer
A City in Ukraine's East Rids Itself of Lenin - Michael Birnbaum, WaPo
Lebanon's Pluralism Trumps ISIS Barbarism - M. Muasher, Daily Star
China's Climate Change Paradox - Stephen Junor, The Diplomat
Hitler's Strange Popularity in India - Josh Scheinert, Jerusalem Post
Determining a Future for Syria - Christopher Hill, Project Syndicate
Japan's Demographic Woes - Japan Times
Monday, September 29
Is the World at the Cusp of a Dark Age? - J. Camilleri, The Conversation
China's Deadly Miscalculation - Joseph Bosco, RealClearDefense
The Troubling Rise of Germany's Euroskeptics - Wolfgang Munchau, FT
Hong Kong Will Be Heard - Larry Au, South China Morning Post
We Should Negotiate with ISIS to Save Lives - R. Fisk, The Independent
The Dangers of Opposing Putin in Crimea - Ragozin & Seddon, BuzzFeed
A Turning Point in Hong Kong's Fight - Rachel Lu, Foreign Policy
Waging a War of Ideas Against IS - Mohammed bin Rashid al Maktoum, PS
Hoping for a Truce in Damascus - Jonathan Steele, The Guardian
A New Authoritarianism Is Growing - Joel Kotkin, Orange County Register
UKIP Is Set to Break Europe's Political Mould - Mark Hennessy, Irish Times
South Korea's City of the Future - R. Arbes & C. Bethea, The Atlantic
Hopes for a U.S.-India Rapprochement - Frederic Grare, Indian Express
Brazil Shows Clinton's Soft View on Inequality - N. Scheiber, New Republic
The Mysterious Rise of the Arab Crime Novel - Marcia L. Qualey, Al Jazeera
Friday, September 26
China's Demographic Disaster Is Coming - Olivia Enos, National Interest
The Islamic State's Grisly Manual for Jihad - David Ignatius, WaPo
Germany Has a Big Anti-Semitism Problem - Benjamin Weinthal, FP
Obama Degrading, Diminishing U.S. Global Role - R. Tracci, Wash Times
How Can the UK Survive? - Aileen McHarg, SCFF
America's Hamstrung Military Efforts - Jonah Goldberg, National Review
Grave New World - Javier Solana, Project Syndicate
U.S Reprises Failed Logic of War on Terror - Ramzy Mardini, FT
The PKK Could Resume Its War in Turkey - Amberin Zaman, Al-Monitor
Fixing the Absurd India-Bangladesh Border - M. Phillips, The Diplomat
Same Roots, Cures for Neo-Nazis, Jihadists - M. Perosino, Worldcrunch
Moldova Struggles to Escape Russian Gas - Victoria Puiu, EurasiaNet
ISIS Cannot Simply Be Contained - Brad Taylor, War on the Rocks
Israel's Struggle to Turn Trade to Diplomacy - Rory Miller, Foreign Affairs
Thursday, September 25
The World Order China Would Have - The Economist
Rouhani Is Still the Ayatollah's Man - J. Matthew McInnis, RealClearWorld
Nile Water Wars? - Robert Kaplan, Stratfor
Airstrikes Play into ISIS's Hands - Peter Oborne, The Telegraph
And Yet the West Remains Strong - Jan Techau, Carnegie
Are Evangelicals Turning Against Israel? - Mark Tooley, Weekly Standard
The Duality of the Middle East Narrative - David Rothkopf, Foreign Policy
The Ebola Fiasco - Nicholas Kristof, New York Times
We Need a Strategy for Nation-Building in Syria - K. Pollack, New Republic
Obama Can't Escape the War Machine - John Cassidy, New Yorker
Democracy Has Become a Mere Slogan - Irigaray & Marder, New Statesman
English Nationalism, the Elephant in the Room - Suzanne Moore, Guardian
Wednesday, September 24
Obama's War Is not Bush's War - Michael Tomasky, Daily Beast
Could America Lose Its Superpower Status? - Daniel Goure, EWB
Abbas's Fake Civil Rights Struggle - Jonathan Tobin, Commentary
The U.S. Is Leading a Robust Arab Coalition - Hussein Ibish, NOW Lebanon
The Forces That Bind and Rend Nations - Zhixing Zhang, Stratfor
Scotland and the Spread of Europe's Ills - Joel Weickgenant, RCW
The Parallel Campaigns Against ISIS and Hamas - Alan Dershowitz, J-Post
The U.K. Nearly Died for Thatcher's Sins - R. Kuttner, American Prospect
Obama's Airstrikes Might Be Unexpectedly Effective - Fred Kaplan, Slate
Are We Already Seeing Mission Creep in Syria? - Kathy Gilsinan, Atlantic
China Is Dipping Its Toes Into a Quagmire - Kevin Sullivan, The Week
It's Gold or Water in El Salvador - Diana Anahi Torres-Valverde, FPIF
Tuesday, September 23
U.S. Begins Syria Strikes - S. Harris, J. Hudson, Y. Dreazen, K. Brannen, FP
The Limits to Fighting Islamic State - Gareth Evans, Project Syndicate
Obama's Jimmy Carter Moment - Patrick Smith, The Fiscal Times
Why N. Korea Hates the U.S. and Vietnam Doesn't - Peter Ward, NK News
India Is Emerging as an Economic Leader - Husai Haqqani, Indian Express
Ukrainian Anger at West Is Growing - Gregory Feifer, Global Post
Is This the Most Dangerous World Ever? - Christopher Preble, Cato Institute
Does Human Rights Watch Understand Prejudice? - J. Goldberg, Atlantic
Europe Keeps Getting Less Transparent - Xavier Sol, Ana Colovic, EU Obs
Kissinger Is Right About Asia - Akhilesh Pillalamarri, The Diplomat
Democracy Dies in Afghanistan - Helena Malikyar, Al Jazeera
Israel Is the Real Spearhead in This War - Yitzhak Laor, Haaretz
Monday, September 22
U.S. and Israel: Illusions of Diplomacy - Nathan Thrall, NY Review of Books
Jihadism With a Hat Tip to Chairman Mao - Hussein Ibish, The National
Should U.S. Fear China's Carrier-Killer Missile? - Robert Farley, Natn Int
The Identity Crisis of Britain's Youth - Paul Mason, The Guardian
Scottish Lessons for the Falklands - Fernando Petrella, Worldcrunch
Ukraine Is on the Brink of Economic Collapse -
Germany's Crumbling Infrastructure Threatens Investment - Spiegel
March Shows the Depth of Concern on Climate - John Sutter, CNN
Syria's Opposition Needs a Strategy - Hassan Hassan, Daily Star
Russia's Frozen Conflicts Foster Corruption - K. Dawisha, Moscow Times
Time to Lead New Zealand Beyond the Cusp - Liam Dann, NZ Herald
The Right Model for China's Boomtowns - Wendell Cox, New Geography

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